Greg Andersen

Award Winning Business Development Professional

What Is a Virtual Sales Advisor?

The Virtual Sales Advisor, or VSA, is a subscription-based program that was developed as a way for small business owners to quickly access valuable sales advice on demand at a reasonable cost. Sales advice and guidance are not needed every day, but they are needed. This service provides very small companies—start-up, micro, and small business owners—like yours, that otherwise may not be able to afford it, quick access to professional sales advice and solutions only when you need it, or “on demand.” 

What Are Greg’s Qualifications?

Greg Andersen, a self-described introvert, began his sales career at Valco Graphics, a small printing company in Seattle, Washington. During his first year at Valco, Greg received comprehensive sales training from Bruce Walker and Bob Valentine, both industry legends and renowned sales professionals.

During Greg’s thirty-year sales career, he has built, cultivated, and nurtured his client base and worked with a wide variety of customers from sole proprietors to very large Fortune 500 customers, including Microsoft, Costco, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, AT&T, Outback Steakhouse Intl., Bank of America, Westin Hotels RCI Timeshares, and the Frank Russel Company.

Greg has also won various awards throughout his career, including:

  • 1994 “Digger of the Year” for the most new accounts in one calendar year (32)
  • 2003 “Top Sales Producer of the Year” ($2,063,000.00)

Among Greg’s unique strengths is his uncanny ability to dig up new business, uncover customer needs, understand customers’ pain, and provide solutions that solve problems and create long-lasting value.

To this day, Greg still finds digging up new customers the most enjoyable part of his job. This passion and advice from friends and customers led Greg to write Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear), so he could share his secrets and his process with small business owners around the world.

When Do You Need a Virtual Sales Advisor?

  • When you need help rebuilding or fixing sagging sales revenue.
  • When you lose or are about to lose your biggest customer.
  • When a new competitor moves into town.
  • When you need simple sales advice and a strategy.
  • When you finally realize you need to add new customers and don’t know how.
  • When you have a big opportunity and you need to win.
  • When you are not sure why you keep losing opportunities.
  • When the economy turns sour.

NOTE: You need VSA before any of the above problems become real.

How Does the VSA Program Work?

The VSA Program is designed to be simple, quick, flexible, and affordable. Just decide which plan below best meets your needs. We can connect three different ways:

1.) Email (24/7).
2.) Phone (During business hours).
3.) Zoom calls (During business hours and over the weekend.)

    • Greg is also available for consulting on special projects both via Zoom calls and/or in person if an on-site visit is required.

What Are the Benefits of the VSA Program?

On-demand sales advice needs to be both convenient and flexible, but it will also help you:

  • Grow your business.
  • Save money.
  • Make more money.
  • Compete better with larger companies.
  • Seek out and find new revenue channels.
  • Focus on core duties.
  • Improve your profit margins.
  • Plan, strategize, and protect your future.
  • Improve your company’s value.

What Does It Cost?

Program Options Time Allocation Monthly Subscription Annual Payment Savings
FREE Program (Email Q & A)
No credit card required
Unlimited* free free free
Full Program (Email + Phone Call Zoom Calls Q & A) Unlimited** $100.00 $960.00 20%
Special Projects n/a Call for Quote n/a n/a
* Free Email program designed for quick Q & A discussions.
** Full program for ongoing support and more in-depth assistance.

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