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A Small Business Solution

As a micro or small business owner, what would happen if you lost your biggest customer? What would happen if a major competitor moved into your area? What would happen if the economy heads in a negative direction? These are just a few of many different situations you, as a small business owner, may encounter that can have a negative impact on your business and your livelihood. Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear) was written by Greg Andersen for micro and small business owners who have little to no formal sales experience to help them plan ahead and already have a plan in place that will mitigate these types of situations.

1.) Which Small Businesses need help?

  • Entrepreneurs/Start-ups.
  • Hobby and farmers market merchants.
  • Micro and small businesses owners.
  • Any small to medium-sized business.
  • Franchisees.
  • NGOs

2.) Are you working "on" your business or "in" your business?

Do I sell for the business today or run the business today?

This is their dilemma because:

  • Most business owners are not trained in sales.
  • Most business owners have a choice—sell for the business or run the business.
  • Many owners are deathly afraid of sales.
  • Owners not trained in sales make lousy sales trainers.

3.) Taking Control of your Small Business

Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear) is a do-it-yourself book that helps micro and small business owners understand sales, the sales process, and how important new business development is to every business, as well as how small business owners can actually create sales on purpose. Many small businesses consistently cite “poor cash flow,” “lack of demand,” and “finding new customers” as their primary concerns and biggest fears regarding their businesses. Adding “new” clients is the best way to solve these problems and many more.

4.) Strategies and Skills for Small Business owners

  • Why no sales experience is required.
  • Why Introverts can make the best salespeople.
  • Why sales is the remedy for what ails most small businesses.
  • How to find potential customers.
  • How the sales process really works.
  • How to find time to sell.
  • What the fear of selling is really all about.
  • What the risk is of not selling.
  • What you can do today to start selling for your business.
  • How to create a “lead list” and a “sales plan.”

5.) Be recession-proof, Beating the odds!

All small business owners need to grow their businesses to survive, yet many simply rely on social media, a website, and a whole lot of luck to make that cash register ring. Small business owners go into business to work for themselves, have more control over their futures, make more money, and build a legacy. Did you know:

  • Approximately 30 million small businesses are in the United States.
  • Nearly 22 million are non-employers or do not have any employees.
  • Only 70 percent of new businesses survive past two years, 50 percent survive past five years, 30 percent survive past ten years, and 25 percent survive fifteen years or longer.
  • Of the many reasons why businesses fail, research shows that lack of demand, lack of sales, lack of revenue, and/or lack of new customers are always in the top five.

Greg Andersen’s mission, and the sole focus of Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear) is to help startup, micro, and small business owners grow their businesses in a predictable recession-proof manner and protect their businesses by understanding how to “create” new business revenue. In short, Greg helps small business owners create sales on purpose. Today, you must have a plan, you must have a strategy, and you need to take control of the sales process and “create” revenue.

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