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Small Business Sales Without The Fear - 3d Book Cover

Growing a Small Business!

Why is adding new customers so difficult for
Start-ups, micro and small business owners?

Small Business Sales Without The Fear - 3d Book Cover
  • Consultants and consulting companies tend to focus on larger businesses, not micro and small businesses.
  • Many consultants focus on all aspects of business with selling as only a fraction of their offering.
  • Current sales books and magazines assume that owners already have a sales background and simply want to improve sales.
  • The small business owner’s dilemma: Do I sell today or run the business?
  • Owners who are not trained in sales are not always good “sales trainers.”
  • When an owner is talking to a potential customer, investor, supplier, or bank, having an understanding of the “sales process” is critical.
  • Many fear what they “think” selling involves.
  • Many simply feel they don’t have the right personality.
  • Many have a fear of success as strong as their fear of failure.

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“Greg helped me to identify and fine-tune several different prospecting techniques that yielded good results. I was able to meet with 33 percent of the people I cold called! Greg’s enthusiasm and knowledge of sales supported me in overcoming numerous challenges. I would highly recommend Greg’s book, Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear) if your goal is to maximize sales!”

Robert Landis

About Greg Andersen

Greg Andersen is a speaker, a coach, and the author of Small Business Sales, WTF (Without the Fear). His primary focus is working with an underserved community made up of start-up, micro, and small business owners who have little to no formal sales training. His mission is to help them understand that using the power of sales and new business development is the best strategy for growing and protecting a small business.

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